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A Musician does Inktober 2017

I’m only kind of an artist. But I’ve learned before that artists are people who make art, not just people with great talent. So when Inktober 2017 came around this year, I decided to get on the bandwagon. Launching Scintilla Studio means I need a lot more visual...

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Go Take Pictures: What to do on a Photo Excursion

One of the simplest and most elusive truths about a creative lifestyle is that artists are the people who create art. Paul Simon summed up his decades of creative experience in his song "Hurricane Eye":  "You want to be a writer, but you don't know how or when?  Find...

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How to Make a Printable Christmas Card from Scratch

  How to Make a Printable Christmas Card from Scratch Hand-made Christmas cards are one of the best ways to show you care for those on your Christmas mailing list.  But getting enough unique cards for everyone on that list can be difficult. Replicating a design by...

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How to Make a Fantasy Map in GIMP 2.8

With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, you may be planning on writing a fantasy or sci-fi story.  Congrats!  This is one of my favorite genres to write.  However, if your character(s) are doing much traveling, it's not hard to get lost.  There usually isn't a GPS on these...

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What to Read: Austin Kleon, “Show Your Work!”

Creativity isn't just about the finished product. There's a terrible, tyrannical idea that in order to be a creative person you have to be a mad genius slaving away in a dark room until you emerge, paint-stained and masterpiece in hand. That idea has a lot of creative...

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How to Make a Newspaper Clipping in GIMP 2.8

Here's how to make a realistic newspaper clipping from scratch in GIMP 2.8.  You can use this for classfied ads, Pinterest images, presentations, or anything else where the text should look like it was cut out of an old newspaper ages ago. Check out the embedded video...

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How to Make Old Paper in GIMP 2.8

How to Make a Realistic Old Paper Graphic from Scratch in GIMP 2.8 If you're making old maps, newspapers, or charts, try this quick way to make an old paper graphic in GIMP 2.8. Check out the embedded video for a demonstration, or scroll down for a step-by-step guide....

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How to Make Minimalist Wallpapers in 7 Steps or Less

Turn any image into a minimalist composition with this seven-step process. Minimalist art relies only on the most basic and distinctive elements of a design to create compelling images.  It's the difference between left and right: I discovered a simple seven-step...

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Art Supplies to Take on the Go

Everybody's creative space looks a little bit different. For some, that space is as small as a roll-up pencil case and a sketch pad. Brian McCray is an artist and graphic designer keenly aware of the benefits of working whenever and wherever inspiration or necessity...

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