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It’s hard to make a living as a musician, but there’s a lot of room between hobbyist and professional. Here’s how to do what you love while you do what you have to.

I’ve been a semi-professional musician for over 20 years. In 2017 I released my first original EP, “Minimum Wage,” with my band 5% Savvy. It was a great start for any local band.


Follow us on our journey from working stiffs to professional musicians.

Songwriting Prompts

I put together a list of prompts to help you write your own songs during February Album Writing Month (FAWM), along with some extra advice and inspiration from songwriters I know and admire. Use these 15 ideas all year round to kickstart your songwriting.

How to Write Songs in 5 Steps or Less

Last year I took the February Album Writing Month (FAWM) challenge to write songs with a couple of friends. Within a few desparate weeks, we had recorded our first EP as 5% Savvy. We made a lot of good memories - evenings packing a wobbly electric drum set into a...

How to Start a Band

“How have you not started a band yet?” After twenty years as a musician and three as a creative lifestyle blogger, I’ve heard quite a few good reasons to start a band.  Some of the best: Artists are people who make art; musicians are people who make music. The band...

How to Write a Song: Some Practical Advice

Accomplishing a creative challenge like writing 14 songs in 28 days doesn’t happen out of nothing.  I’ve needed some advice and some inspiration over the last few weeks of February Album Writing Month.  Here are three resources that taught me a lot about how to write...

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