A long, thin dragon coils around a set of abstract patterns in this title banner for Precious Things.

A scrungly, possum-shaped dragon flies sinuously past a set of abstract shapes.

“Your ancestors were colossal dragons with mountains of gold and earth-shaking magic. You are their proud descendants, building a hoard of your own full of magical power. It’s not easy, since you’re under two feet long.”

Precious Things is a tabletop RPG currently in development with Wet Ink Games, makers of Jiangshi and Never Going Home. It’s a game of tiny dragons building second-hand hoards in a world of forgotten magic.

You can play it now as a one-page RPG, or follow along as the book is made!

Wet Ink Games

Makers of “fresh, Indie games before the ink dries,” Wet Ink Games uses their +One system to share truly unique games from talented designers worldwide.
Meet the team on episodes from the first season of the Making a Monster podcast.

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