Flash Fiction Writing Challenge, Day 7

Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Day 7

Welcome back to the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge!  If you haven’t already, you should check out our intro post for more details.  The basics are:

  1. Pick one of the two image prompts below. (Don’t read my stories or anyone else’s until you’ve written yours!)
  2. Write an Everyday Vignette (200 words or less) or a Flash Fiction (300-500 words, or up to 1000, if you’re feeling ambitious).
  3. Post your story in the comments on this post and check out the stories others have written.  Optional: Don’t forget to go to the artist’s deviantArt page (just click on the image) and give them a shout-out to let them know that their piece inspired you.

If you write a short story every day this week, you win!  What do you win?  Respect from your fellow writers, and we might have a little goody for you at the end of the week.

Flash Fiction, Day 7

We did it!  Congratulations – you made it to the end of the Flash Fiction Writing Challenge!  If you had as much fun as I did, you may find yourself wanting to keep going.  Guess what?  You can!  Since there are two prompts for each day, you can do a second Writing Challenge week.  Just write a story for the second prompt, the one that you didn’t choose the first time around.  Whether it was because you couldn’t think of a plot, or just because you liked the other one better, you might be surprised at the results.

Either way, writing every day for a week isn’t something to be sneezed at!  And as a congratulations gift, here is a fun badge for you to show off with!

Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Badge

< a href=”http://thespareroomproject.com/flash-fiction-challenge-day-7/” > < img src=”http://thespareroomproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/FFWC-Badge-300×300.png” alt=”Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Badge” width=”” height=”” / >< /a >
(Just copy-paste and take out the spaces before and after the <> signs.)

[download ahref=”#ck_modal” rel=”ck_modal”]Get the NEW Flash Fiction Writing Challenge prompts![/download]

And, without further ado, here are the writing prompts for today:


There’s another world beneath ours.  You won’t see the signs of it very often.  Once a year, however, our worlds collide.

When the barriers between the Underneath and the Top thin, it’s possible to push through.  Sometimes people from the Top fall through the thinnest parts.  Other times, Underneathers crawl up.

They aren’t (usually) malicious.  Mostly they’re simply curious.  Underneath is bland and gray, while our world is vibrant and green and multi-hued.  They want melanin in their skin.  They want to feel sunlight on their faces.

And most of us will never even notice them.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

If she called, he would come.  No matter how far away, she knew he could hear her.

She was not raised by wolves, no matter what the stories say.  She simply spent most of her spare childhood moments in the woods.  When you’re a child, animals can sense your innocence.

He became her brother, when her human brother succumbed to illness.  He listened to all her fears, his fur soaking up her tears.  Now he came as she called him one last time.  Perhaps if he had known what she called him for, he would not have come.[/ezcol_1half_end]

[download ahref=”#ck_modal” rel=”ck_modal”]Get the NEW Flash Fiction Writing Challenge prompts![/download]

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