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Channel your creativity, gather an audience, and tell your own fantastic stories in living color with adventures and resources for dungeon masters and players in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

07: Dagon, Demon Prince of Shadowsea – Alex Clippinger

07: Dagon, Demon Prince of Shadowsea – Alex Clippinger

And at one point you think that there's just another one of these massive structures in the distance until it shifts and moves. And you realize that , this horrific gargantuan shape, this form coming towards you is the shadow of Dagon himself. Listen wherever you get...

06: Monster of the Week, Michael Sands

06: Monster of the Week, Michael Sands

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05: Itzigratz, Illithid Lich – Bryan Holmes

05: Itzigratz, Illithid Lich – Bryan Holmes

One of the most iconic creatures in Dungeons & Dragons is a civilization so alien, so otherworldly, and so evil that opposition to them defines entire cultures. "A Mind Flayer is already a creature that's beyond reason," says Bryan Holmes, Forgotten Realms expert...

Papercraft Miniatures

Tabletop miniatures take time and money, and sometimes you don’t have either. Create custom paper miniatures at home using these foldable templates. Print on heavy-weight paper or cardstock. Cut along the solid lines and score or fold along the dashed lines.

Aligns with a standard 1″ square grid. Includes templates for creatures of all sizes: Tiny, Small, and Medium (1″ square foot print); Large (2″); Huge (3″); and Gargantuan (4″ & 5″).

The Contract

The Contract is a re-playable one-shot with 1,056 possible combinations. The DM rolls for key plot points like combat encounters and surprise endings; players roll at the beginning of the game for secret objectives that connect their characters to the story.

The Matriarch of a harbor town knows that tonight, something evil and powerful will come to kill her Heir. If the Heir lives, that enemy’s power will be broken. If he dies, the town descends into violence and chaos. So the Matriarch hires a party of capable adventurers with a simple directive: “My Heir lives until morning.” Can you survive the night?

Fighters of the Forgotten Realms

Three new subclasses for 5th edition D&D from “Fighters”, the Forgotten Realms book series that includes Bladesinger, Ghostwalker, Master of Chains, and Son of Thunder.

This supplement includes monster stat blocks, magic items, and class features updated from 3rd edition prestige classes.

Co-written with Luke Bullis, also of 5% Savvy!

Drawfee's Monsters

Confuse and amuse your players with two new D&D monsters from the Drawfee channel’s Caldwell Tanner, Nathan Yaffe, and Molly Ostertag: the Zoob and the Besniffler!

The Zoob is a confused, six-sided beast that might give you a fish or bite your face, you don’t know. The Besniffler looked at a Beholder and asked, “What if but nose?”

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