Lucas Zellers

Game Designer

Book of Extinction

A bestiary of extinct animals resurrected for 5th edition! Book of Extinction from Mage Hand Press adds meaningful monsters to your game and brings D&D to the fight against mass extinction by supporting the Center for Biological Diversity.

The project raised over $194,000 during its Kickstarter campaign in March of 2023.


I’ve done narrative writing, worldbuilding, and design work for these Kickstarter projects:

DM’s Guild

My work ranks in the top 3% of products on the Dungeon Master’s Guild. Since my first adventure in 2018, I’ve been making game night easy and fun with no-prep and low-prep adventures, unique character options, and low-cost accessories from me and my talented collaborators.


The Contract

Replayable One-Shot for D&D 5e

The matriarch of a harbor town hires you to protect her heir from an assassin. Key plot points are determined by die rolls, giving this adventure more than a thousand ways to play!

Town Musicians of Bremen

Replayable One-Shot for D&D 5e

There’s more than 100 ways to play this new take on an old fairy tale. Travel down a long road toward the city of Bremen, a fabulous, legendary place where dreams are sure to come true.

Tales From the World's End

16 Cosmic Horror encounters

The Librarian and The Peddler trade stories of horror encounters suited for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tiers of play. Includes 15 new monsters and magic items!

Charm and Chance's Jolly Jaunt through the Domains of Delight

10 new Domains of Delight for D&D’s Feywild

Wild Beyond the Witchlight introduced domains of delight to D&D. Here are 10  unique domains to make your Feywild journey even more incredible.

Chilling Tales from the Whispering Wind

Arctic-themed adventures for Rime of the Frostmaiden

17 nail-biting adventures for all levels, with an arctic theme perfect for the Icewind Dale setting. Featuring adventures inspired by the Armorer Artificer and Florence & the Machine.

Character Options

Feats of Lycanthropy

Not every werewolf is cursed

Werewolves, weretigers, and other D&D lycanthropes balanced as a feat. Make lycanthropy a path to power for any character class rather than an obstacle that relies on poorly explained curse rules.

Fighters of the Forgotten Realms

Ghostwalker, Master of Chains, Son of Thunder

Three martial subclasses from D&D past return along with new chain weapons, Legendary magic items, and monsters from “Fighters”, the Forgotten Realms book series that includes Bladesinger, Ghostwalker, Master of Chains, and Son of Thunder.

Possessed Tome

Player race option for when the books hit back

Perfect for Candlekeep Mysteries, possessed tomes are the vessels of otherworldly spirits anchored to the Material Plane by enchanted books. Includes 3 subraces: bestiary, grimoire, and necronomicon.

Elixir of the Red Bull

It gives you wings!

An extra-planar entity known only as The Red Bull has scattered a powerful elixir across the Material Plane. Those who drink it become sorcerors whose relationship to the waking world is forever changed.

Way of the Shackled Beast

Monastic Tradition of Eberron

Shifters of Eberron have a unique monastic tradition allowing them to channel the beast within. Updated for 5th edition, bring a new kind of monk to your table!

Monsters, Spells, and Magic Items

The Glitter Grimoire

This “tome” is nothing but trouble.

Over 100 comedy spells and magic items that are funny but useful. Why not cast conjure whoopie cushion? Or mustache you a question? How about conjure goodest boy?

Drawfee's Monsters

The Zoob and the Besniffler

Confuse and amuse your players with two new D&D monsters from the Drawfee channel on YouTube. The Zoob is a confused, six-sided beast that might give you a fish or bite your face, you don’t know. The Besniffler looked at a Beholder and asked, “What if but nose?”

The Back Alley Guide to Fighting Dirty

Because fighting fair is for clerics.

A brief supplement for players and dungeon masters looking to add a cartoonish, slapstick flavor to combat. Includes 2 new feats, 4 new Battle Master fighter maneuvers, an updated Mage Hand Ledgermain, and new evocation cantrip snake bite.

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