Creativity on the Go

Take Your Creativity on the Go, Part 2

Creativity isn’t something you have to leave at home.

This is something that Brian McCray knows very well.  As an artist, he brings his roll of art supplies with him.  He has found a way to bring his creativity on the go, and you can too!  Check out the second half of his interview with The Spare Room Project, where he shows us some of the art he’s made with his portable creative kit.

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Portable Creative Spaces

Creativity in a square space

Moleskine Art Plus Sketch Album 7.5 x 7.5*

Creativity to take on the go

Global Art Materials 5-1/2-Inch by 5-1/2-Inch Drawing Book*

One of the key elements that enables Brian to take his creativity on the go is his sketchbook. He noted that the square format gives him a better workspace, while not taking up too much extra space – something that is key for portability. “Almost always, having a larger area to work with is ideal, because you feel less constricted, and you can experiment and keep going with an idea, and you have the context of your other sketches and stuff.  But it’s a lot to fit in your backpack or whatever you carry around, so it’s just sort of a compromise.  I think the square format is my favorite that I’ve found so far for travel, because it’s not too tall, but . . . it seems larger, at least.” Check out a couple options like Brian’s sketchbook.

There are many ways to take your creativity on the go, even if you aren’t drawing.  Lucas often takes a reporter’s notebook* or a mini composition book* with him to jot down his thoughts on story ideas and blog post topics.  This works for more than just stories and blogs, though: keeping a writing implement handy will allow you to write down whatever comes to mind that you may forget when you get home and start doing other things.  Maybe you have an idea for a knitting project, or you found a new technique for sculpting that you want to try.  If your medium is small enough to take with you, like Brian’s is, use that to your advantage and create a portable creative space for yourself.  Ask others who work in similar creative outlets for ideas if you’re having trouble coming up with ways to take your creativity on the go.  Think outside the box for ways to make sure you don’t leave your creativity at home!

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