“Pith:” Poetry by Courtney Raymond

As a writer, Courtney Courtney  Part of that voice is poetry.

Writing poetry is often made difficult because the genre is so difficult to define: does it have to rhyme? And what is iambic pentameter anyway?

Courtney found that  a poem is essentially characterized by vivid and imaginative ideas conveyed in a way that lets the audience feel what the poet is feeling.  The subtleties of musicality, verse structure, metered form, and intense language come through practice.  If you want to be a better poet, Courtney says, read good poetry – and a lot of it.[ctt title=”‘If you want to be a better poet, read good poetry, and a lot of it.'” tweet=”If you want to be a better poet, read good poetry, and a lot of it. @StarsAhead @SpareTheRoom #poets” coverup=”8IcQU”]

Courtney selected a piece called “Pith” to read for us during her Courtney on how to find her voice as a creative writer on WordPress.

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