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How a Career Writer used WordPress to Find Her Voice

We at The Spare Room Project are proud to release our second artist interview feature, and this one’s for writers.

Courtney’s writing blends prose and poetry to explore themes of life, love, Godliness, and optimism. She describes it as “a diary that I want other people to read, because I think it matters to them just as much as it matters to me.”

For Courtney, finding time to write isn’t about carving out another chunk of her day. “If I schedule time to write,” she says, “it becomes one more thing on my list that I have to do. But writing is important to me, so . . . when I feel like I need to write I do it, and I recognize its importance and I honor its importance.” It’s the same urgent strategy that Lucas uses for recording music sometimes.

The ability to self-publish in a public blog has definitely affected Courtney’s writing. At first, she experienced a crippling outward focus. “I started to think about the people who were reading my blog, and all of a sudden it became about them,” she explains. “I felt like I needed to churn out a product.” The other extreme was the narcissism that often is associated with blogging.  She’s finally found a balance for her writing, and it’s to focus on honesty. “Being all about yourself or all about them is not being honest,” she says.

Poetry is a big part of Courtney’s writing, and she suggested a simple solution for anyone wanting to get into the art form. “If you want to write poetry you have to read it, and you have to read a lot of it and a lot of different types of it,” she says. “By reading lots of poets, I’ve figured out what I like and what my style is, and I’ve just done that, and let it happen.”

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Update: Courtney graduated with Cedarville University’s class of 2015 and now works as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

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