Community Theatre: Hometown Opportunity

If you haven’t done any acting since highschool or college, but you really want to get back in the game, this video is for you. We talk to actor, writer, and director Doug Malcolm about the rich opportunities available in community theatre, often right in your hometown.

One of the best things about community theatre is that you don’t have to be a professional actor to participate.  While Doug is pursuing a career in theatre performance, many of his co-stars come from other backgrounds, like teachers, lawyers, and even IT professionals.  “We’ve had at least one IT guy in every show I’ve been in so far,” he says.

Community TheatreGetting involved in community theatre is as simple as taking the time to audition.  “Any community theatre is grateful to have people come out,” Malcolm says.  He added some good advice for how to ace the audition.  “The person behind the audition table wants you to show them what character you’re going to give them if they cast you,” he says.  “Decide: who is this character?  Spend the time so that when you walk up on that stage and you put it on, you’re done.  You have done your job by creating a character.”

Even if you’re not cast, you can still be involved in other parts of the show, like set crew, lighting, or makeup and costumes.  The cast and crew build a sense of community all their own that’s truly rewarding.  “They want to make some art, and they’ve invited you to do it too!”  says Malcolm.  “And if you want to be a part of that, then by all means go out for it, because making art is what really makes life worth living.”

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If you’re looking for your next audition, check out websites for local venues and community theatre groups.  If you’re in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, you can find audition information for most shows at Odds are, you won’t have to wait long for the next show. “At any point in time, some theatre is happening,” Malcolm reminds us.

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