Scintilla Studio is the mothership for musician, storyteller and producer Lucas Zellers and the creative team he’s gathered.  We create analog experiences in a digital world.  We want to show you how we did it – learn, grow and collaborate with us!


A guitarist and singer of modern, folk and instrumental music, Luc performs with a comic sensibility and a wry view of the world.  Click here to read about home recording, songwriting and our next live show.


Visual Art
We live in a visual world, and we aim to please.  Read about video editing, photography, photo editing and digital art.


We’re makers, and we love building something out of nothing.  Click here to read more about writing, acting, and the DIY projects that bring our whole studio together.


Coming soon: the bizarre creativity of tabletop gaming, live on Twitch!


You may have heard about this team at The Spare Room Project, a curated online resource for creatives pursuing their passion in limited space.  We’ve outgrown our old room and split into two parts: Unit 25, for creative business success, and Scintilla Studio, for our own creative projects.  Click below to learn more.


Scintilla Studio aims to deliver rich creative products and show our followers how we did it, not tell them how we could.


Unit 25 helps entrepreneurs grow their business, even if they aren’t sure what steps to take.  The Unit of skilled designers, writers and coaches can take your business to the next level.