Scintilla Studio

Creativity as an ecosystem


Build a thriving creative life

Scintilla Studio

Creativity as an ecosystem


Build a thriving creative life

Build Your Habitat

Create a habitat for your goals within your physical space and your weekly routine. Give them the food, water, and shelter they need to thrive.

Keep out poachers

Some things have a right to your time, space, and attention. Other things are trespassing, and they will hunt your creativity to extinction if you let them.  Know the difference and enforce it.

Push the snowball

Live and work within your habitat by setting incremental goals and building on your successes.


Past projects become the loam in which future projects grow. Make the most of what you’ve learned and created in each project to move forward into new ones!

Who We are

We’re a team of storytellers helping creative people succeed by making the most of their time and resources. We put these four simple principles to work on creative projects in music, writing, and tabletop gaming.

what we do


Learn about songwriting and music performance with our original album “Minimum Wage.”

Tabletop Gaming

It’s not just for nerds anymore. Tell your own fantastic stories in living color with our one-shot adventures and other resources for game masters.


Write better in less time with tips, tricks, and challenges like NaNoWriMo.

Transform your creative life!

Don’t live your creative life feeling inadequate or unprofitable. Learn to use the Scintilla method by joining the studio.

You’ll get access to our library of resources for independent creators, as well as tips, resources and object lessons for your own creative habitats.

Don’t worry, I won’t blow up your inbox with sales pitches. Once a month, you’ll receive the inside look at current creative projects, and you’ll be the first to know when Scintilla Studio has made something new to help you push your own snowball.

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