5 Reasons to Dedicate a Creative Space

5 Reasons to Dedicate a Creative Space

If you’re trying to be a more creative person, you know how hard it is to change your habits.  The single best thing you can do to reach your creative goals is to make a dedicated Creative Space in your home.  That’s what the name “Spare Room Project” means.

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Some really cool things happen when you dedicate a space to your creative passion.  Here are the top five reasons to dedicate a Creative Space:

1) Focus

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a library, you’re more apt to feel like reading a book?  Or have you ever visited a cathedral, and found yourself searching for spiritual clarity?  Your physical space can have a powerful effect on how you think.  The same goes for a Creative Space.  If you don’t have a physical space dedicated to creativity, you’ve been missing out on a huge benefit: dedicating a space to your specific creativity means you can construct your surroundings to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.  

If you’re distracted by the computer, keep it in another room and try drafting on paper for a while, until you’ve gotten in the habit of focusing on writing.  If reading the Fire Mountain Gems catalog makes you feel like everything’s been done before, turn it to the wall so you can focus on your own designs.  Re-organize your space around the practices and tools that make you more creative, not less, and remind your brain that you’re here to create.

2) Productivity

A dedicated creative space helps productivity both from inspiration and from sustained effort.  Sometimes creativity comes in a single moment of clarity, where you know what you need to do and how you need to do it.  But if you’re not ready when that happens, you can lose that rare and powerful moment. Having a dedicated creative space means that you’re always ready to capture your inspiration.

Creativity isn’t always a rare illuminated moment.  More often it’s a lot of hard work, so finding your focus in a dedicated creative space can also boost your productivity in the long run.  When you find your focus, you can set specific goals and achieve them.  These small victories can keep you motivated, boosting your productivity!

3) Organization

If you’re a crafter, chances are that your supplies may have spread out beyond their storage space.  If you’re a writer, you might have notebooks or folders with half-finished projects all over the house.  If you’re a musician, you might be tired of people stepping over your beloved guitar and expensive rig.   With a dedicated Creative Space, this can become a thing of the past!

With a Creative Space, all your instruments, supplies, or tools are where they belong instead of underfoot.  You’ll spend less time searching for things if you know at least what room they’re in.  If organization isn’t your strong point, this could be a lifesaver.  Your creative space is where all of that material belongs, and everyone in the house can respect it because they know its limits. 

4) Priorities

Having a Creative Space shows where your priorities are and helps you redefine them.  If you change your space, you change your perspective.  If you change your perspective, you change your lifestyle.

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Being a creative person takes commitment, and a Creative Space, no matter how physically small it may be, is a reflection of that commitment.    If you’re ready to pursue your creative passion, then carve out the space you’ll need as an investment in that passion.  It might mean unfolding a card table in the corner, or moving some furniture, but every time you enter that space you’ll be reminded of the priority you’ve set and the investment you’ve made.

5) Set-up/Tear-down Time

If you’re using a temporary space right now to pursue your creativity, you know how much of a hassle it can be.  Every time you want to create, you have to clear a space, round up all your supplies, find a place to lay them out, and by then you may not even feel like you have the energy anymore.  And even if you do, you still have to put everything away after you create.  Knowing that an hour of productivity means a half-hour of busy work on either end is enough to keep most people from starting at all.

By dedicating a Creative Space, you can avoid the drain of setting up and tearing down.     If everything you use is already organized where it needs to be, you can sit down and start creating immediately.  Since you can focus on your craft, you will increase your productivity and rearrange your priorities.

Putting it all together

As you can see, all five of these areas tie together.  By dedicating a Creative Space – you will increase FIVE key areas that will contribute to your creativity.  It’s about making decisions about what your life will look like and taking action.  Keep in mind that everyone’s Creative Space will look a little different, so construct a setting that works for you.  Check out our interview with Inyeri Designs, or this post by fellow creative blogger Gina Alyse, to see how this might look day to day.

What does your creative space look like?  Tell us in the comments how a Creative Space has made an impact on your life.

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